Stop Using Spreadsheets! Pitfalls of Data Center Licensing

Webinar given on 6 November 2013 describing the challenges of keeping track of licensing in the data center – especially when using spreadsheets. Shows ESI’s answer to that challenge – the Data Center License Analyzer.

Licensing in the Data Center – How do you bridge the gaps?

This ESI webinar examines the challenges facing anyone who is pursuing software license compliance in the data center.

It introduces ESI’s Data Center License Analyzer, a rules-based engine for automating license management of data center titles.  It also highlights ESI’s partnership with iQuate, showcases the strengths of iQuate’s data center auto-discovery capability, and offers a compare and contrast of workstation-oriented auto-discovery tools when attempting to apply them to data centers.

Optimal Ways of Integrating Barcode Scanners into ITAM™

A webinar originally presented in conjunction with IAITAM on March 29,2012. Shows our recommended approach to using bar code scanners with your ITAM program.

Reduce ITAM Risk by Using ‘Catch Point’ Screen Design

ESI webinar showing how well designed Catch Point screens can negate most of the risk associated with using non-ITAM resources for ITAM data capture.

Benefits of Creating an Internal Software Market

ESI webinar looking at how companies have achieved significant, often unexpected, financial benefits by creating an internal market for software based on harvesting and reuse, and applying accounting principles.

Financial Discipline in an ITAM Organization

ESI webinar discussing the increasing importance of finance discipline in an ITAM organization and looks at how to fund software compliance within an organization, why it is beneficial to set-up a software bank account with accrual accounts, when managing software licenses, and how to do it.

The Managed Software List

This ESI webinar examines the four challenges facing anyone who is pursuing software license compliance and ongoing software license management.

It questions the common practice of attempting to show compliance on all software titles, as well as pursuing only compliance (instead of the true value-producing solution of license harvesting and re-use). The formation of the Managed Software List (MSL), the subset of currently deployed titles that together represent 80% of the risk/value is reviewed in detail.