ITAM / SAM Assessments

Sample Discovery Question

Sample question from our library and our web-based interviewer
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We are often asked to perform an ITAM and/or SAM assessment.  Whether to baseline current capabilities, to gap against industry best practices, to validate an existing program, or to help an outsource partner show that their program is delivering the value required by the contract, we are called upon to perform impartial assessments using our vast expertise.

Our Library

Over the years we have amassed a vast library of questions that we maintain.  That library is nearly 1,000 questions.  From that library, we put together specific questionnaires given the focus of the assessment using our web-based assessment and interview tool.  We then perform the interviews using the same web-based tool, typing answers in real time during the interview.  We can also add attachments to the interview in order to capture a complete documentation of the interview and the results.  We will often have several interviewers in one session, each typing answers into their respective boxes in the tool, to allow us to compare answers later.  Our unique process for interviewing, and capturing current state, has been designed to arrive at the truth – what is really happening – as opposed to a picture of what is supposed to be happening (and “painting” that picture is often attempted in our experience).  We can best help when we can cut through the façade and arrive at the real current state – and our process has been honed over the years to do just that.

We have a very mature methodology for performing ITAM and SAM assessments, and that translates to value for you.  Call us to get more information about what we can do to help.