ITAM / SAM Workshops

Workshops address the Foundational Stage

Our workshops address the Foundational Stage of our Reference Architecture

We offer a series of executive and stakeholder workshops designed to get your ITAM/SAM program set on a proper foundation and off to a good start.

Set the Proper Foundation

In our 25+ years of experience helping clients design, implement, and run ITAM and SAM programs, we have learned one thing above all else – if you want to have a successful program, take the time and build a proper foundation.  The probability for success increases dramatically if this step is taken.

Building a proper foundation means setting a tight scope – so you aren’t asked to boil the ocean – and getting all of the stakeholders to agree to that scope.  We are experts at driving that agreement and helping you set, and hold, a tight scope.

Building a proper foundation also means setting executives’ expectations – helping them to understand how to measure value from your ITAM/SAM program and how to know if you are succeeding.  This is often overlooked and, since the value produced by ITAM/SAM is often hard to understand, executives tend to struggle to see the value.  And when that happens, guess who starts getting pressured to reduce headcount?  Yes, you as the ITAM/SAM manager, that’s who.  We can keep you from experiencing that pressure.

If you want to significantly increase your chances of success then you need to take the time to set a proper foundation.  Our foundational workshops are the fastest way to get that done.  We have conducted these workshops for a number of clients, all with great success.

We Impressed the CIO

We conducted a workshop for a large retailer and the CIO attended.  Later, we received an email where the CIO complimented our workshop as one of the most efficient and effective workshops she had ever attended.

Our Primary Workshops

Our workshops are typically each 1/2 day in length, and are often conducted in succession (with the exception of the initial discovery).  We are flexible, however, in how we organize our workshops in order to best address your scheduling needs.  Our primary workshops are as follows:

  • Discovery (this is actually a series of interviews conducted prior to the workshops)
  • Scope – define and drive stakeholder and executive consensus on program scope
  • Definition – derive, from scope, what will and will not be tracked
  • Success – derive, from scope, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be used to measure success

If you want to get your ITAM/SAM program started right, or if you are faltering or struggling to demonstrate your value to the executives, our workshops are the answer.  They will get a new program started cleanly and they will refocus an existing program, breeding new life into it.

Call us and talk to us about our workshops today.