Automated Workflow

Sample Workflow

Sample workflow using ESI’s graphical interface
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One of our more powerful features is our workflow automation module.  Featuring a graphical layout and management tool, our workflow automation module can be used to automate practically any workflow.  From simple notifications to complex multi-level approval flows with escalation, our workflow module can handle it.  And with the Visio-like designer, you can bring your workflows to life quickly and easily.

Working to Service Level Agreements?

You can define timers within the workflow to ensure you do not break your SLAs.  Timer expiration can result in escalation, or whatever you decide – the options are vast.

Asset Management is 80% Process

If you are pursuing IT Asset Management and/or Software License Management, then you’ve probably heard (or experienced) the adage that states “Asset Management is 80% process”.  Well, it’s true and it helps greatly if you can automate that process.  With our workflow automation module, you can – which means your ability to succeed in Asset and Software License Management is greatly enhanced.

Multiply Your Efforts

Leveraging our workflow automation module will allow you to multiply the efforts of your current staff, getting more work done (with higher accuracy) by automating essential processes.


  • Route forms through multiple mark-up steps with final approval.
  • Support for attachments.  Attachments can be emailed in and out.
  • Unlimited number of escalations.
  • Unlimited number of approval steps per workflow.
  • Built-in error trapping – allows branching based on unexpected events.
  • Support for user-defined variables.
  • Can update records automatically through workflows.
  • Can push and install software when integrated with the Workstation Data Assistant (WDA)
  • Supports automated remediation of data issues when used with ESI’s Decision Tree capability.
  • Graphical, “Visio-like” design and management interface.
  • Ability to restart stalled threads.
  • Supports group approvals, or primary with backups.