Software License Compliance & Optimization

Monitor overall compliance at a glance via the dashboard

Monitor overall compliance at a glance
via the dashboard (click to enlarge)

The MIE offers a very strong capability for managing and optimizing software licenses. Used by small and large enterprises alike, you can monitor compliance directly from your dashboard. Although the MIE calculates your compliance position hourly and offers near real time compliance monitoring, its real strength is in optimizing license use through harvesting and re-use.

Eliminate the “Back Channel”

Our unique financially-based solution is designed to address existing organizational behaviors that many organizations face, the primary one being what we call “back channel acquisition”. Back channel acquisition is when users find a way to get software installed without any proof of license. Back channel acquisition is a leading cause of compliance drift, or the inability to hold a compliance position. Our solution effectively nullifies “back channel acquisition”. Ask us how.

Key Features

Some of the other features you will find on our software license compliance and optimization capability are:

  • Automated license optimizer that runs nightly.  Optimizes how your licenses are used to cover your deployments
  • Rules-based license analyzer – used to handle bundled licenses as well as complex license types
  • Dashboard compliance reporting and monitoring
  • Support for all types of licenses and license metrics (including virtualization)
  • Automated license key management
  • Automated license migration based on entitlements
  • Automatically exercise entitlements (such as upgrading) through our self-service software request portal.
  • Automated software request portal that handles request, approval, and automated installation of software upon approval
  • Support for upgrade license types (enforcement of eligibility rules and pricing)
  • Automated entry of license and entitlements through our Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) Processor
  • Support for license restrictions, such as geographical restrictions
  • Support for attachments – allows you to save important license documentation with the license and entitlement records
  • Automated harvest triggers – allows you to automatically harvest software based on various conditions, ensuring compliance and optimal use
  • Automated harvest on low usage – when used with ESI’s usage monitor.