Hardware Asset Management

ITAM Hardware Dashboard Sample

Sample ITAM Hardware Dashboard
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Our SaaS platform, called the Management Information Exchange (MIE) excels at managing hardware assets (or any assets, for that matter).  It is built on direct practitioner experience spanning over 25 years.  Those years of direct experience have taught us the best way to capture and protect your data, and that has translated into an underlying architecture and integrated business rules that yield higher data accuracy and therefore returned value.  Our unique “Catch Point” approach to collecting and protecting data coupled with our powerful workflow automation module yield a hardware asset management solution that requires minimum headcount to own and operate.


  • Track any type of asset
  • Assign a photograph to each asset
  • Supports bar coding and RFID
  • Lease tracking (assets on lease)
  • Financial information
  • Support for legal hold
  • Powerful import engine
  • Timed operations (jobs, reports, imports, etc)
  • Full audit trail and change tracking
  • Built-in printing of bar code labels
  • Automated geo-location of assets
  • Track contracts, vendors, entitlements, warranty
  • Computer specifics (processors, cores, memory, storage)
  • Support for Advanced Shipping Notices (coupled with ESI’s ASN Processor)
  • Built-in audit capability – audits for compliance with asset management process
  • Decision trees – self healing capability to detect and correct data anomalies as well as process break-downs
  • Claim checks
  • Full tracking of disposal cycle with three automated reconciliation points
  • Supports most existing auto-discovery tools (Altiris, SCCM, Landesk, Marimba, etc)
  • Automated secure data transfer agent for setting up recurring, automated feeds from other systems
  • Attachments
  • Triggers, conditions, and counters
  • Single sign-on available
  • Offered as a SaaS – no hardware or software to buy, support, or maintain.