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Our primary automation platform is called the Management Information Exchange (MIE).

A Little History

The MIE was originally released in 2000 and is the 4th generation of our IT Asset Management software and automation capability dating back to 1988. Our original IT Asset Management software, called Capital Equipment Manager (CEM), predated auto-discovery solutions and was originally a DOS application. It was later re-written as a Windows-based client-server application, and then again as a SQL Server application.

The Current Design

In designing the current SaaS platform, we took all that we learned and designed that learning into the current solution.  The main thing we learned about Asset Management?  It’s 80% process – so the automation platform has to be extremely flexible and strong at automating different company’s different processes.  And that’s exactly what it is – a strong process automation platform, highly tuned to address IT Hardware and Software Asset Management.

To be successful at Asset Management, the tool must fit the process – not the other way around!

The current SaaS platform retains all that has been learned since 1988, includes greatly expanded features and functionality, and offers all the benefits of a true SaaS.


  • Automate your process as opposed to making your process fit a particular tool
  • Many unique features embedded and automated (since we are practitioners ourselves)
  • IT Asset Management isn’t just a check-in-the-box – the platform was designed with the unique needs of ITAM in mind.
  • No hardware or software to purchase or support
  • Faster time to implement – be up and running faster
  • Cheaper to use and operate – pay only for what you use or need
  • Accessible from anywhere the internet is accessible – all you need is a browser
  • Secure