ITAM / SAM Training

We offer custom ITAM/SAM training as well as training on how to use the various components of our SaaS ITAM/SAM solution.  Custom training includes both theory and practical training on topics such as:

  • How to form a Managed Software List
  • Legal considerations for Software Licensing and Contracting
  • How to set up governance for ITAM/SAM
  • How to set up an internal software exchange to optimize licensing value
  • How to set up Advanced Shipping Notices with vendors
  • How to perform IT inventories
  • How to set up for maximum benefit in using hand held bar code scanners

We also offer training on the MIE, the ASN Processor, the WDA, and all of our other solution components.

Training sessions range from two hour workshop style tailored more for executive audiences, to multi-day hands-on with exercises to reinforce specific topics.  Call us to talk about your training needs today.