Our Company

Our History

ETelligent Solutions, Inc (ESI) began operations in 2000.  ESI has been built on the original foundation of TOBEK and represents the continuation of TOBEK’s market-pioneering concepts and solutions. Our current methodologies and solutions have their roots in the lessons learned from over 20 years specializing in IT Asset Management.  ESI takes that deep expertise in Asset Management and created a robust, extremely flexible platform that can automate and optimize IT Asset Management and Software Asset Management.

It is the second IT asset management company formed by founder Brett Husselbaugh. The first company, TOBEK, was a pioneer in the then fledgling IT Asset Management market. The company offered physical inventory services, ITAM consulting, and a suite of ITAM software solutions, including auto-discovery and an ITAM repository.

Husselbaugh also defined and offered industry ground-breaking ITAM metrics, such as Hardware Supportability Quotient and Technology Absorption Rate, which could be used to measure an enterprise’s ability to leverage technology. TOBEK was purchased by a Fortune 500 company.


You will find our approach to IT Asset Management to be grounded and pragmatic, as you would expect from actual practitioners with that much experience.