Automated Platform for Service Providers

Are you a SAM and/or hardware asset management provider?  Are you using spreadsheets and semi-automated processes to deliver your services?  Do you depend on highly skilled, hard-to-find and hard-to-keep individuals to deliver your services?  Are you worried about scalability and your cost to deliver?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we need to talk.  Our ITAM solution was designed from the ground up as a service delivery platform, for service providers.

Multi-tenant and Multi-site

Our delivery platform was designed for multi-tenancy from the beginning – not retrofitted as an afterthought.  In that way, it securely partitions customer data yet retains speed and flexibility.  It also allows you to organize your customers in a hierarchical fashion, to best model how your customers are organized and how you deliver services to them.

Our multi-site capability means we can bring up an independent site on the same platform, that inherits all the functionality of the base platform, yet has a completely different branding.  That means we designed in the ability to support white-labeling of the site to match your branding and to make our site look like yours.

Already in the Cloud

Our platform was also designed from the beginning to be delivered as a SaaS.  That means you don’t have to buy or manage any servers and neither do your clients – and both of you can be up and running fast.

Working to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

Did you sign up to accuracy SLAs for hardware asset management?  Do you have specific cycle time SLAs for delivering requested software?  We built our platform with the service provider in mind.  We have built-in accuracy calculation capability to automatically calculate and report accuracy SLAs.  We also have a very powerful workflow engine with a Visio-like designer that allows you to build workflows that watch how long cycle times are taking and automatically escalate if work sits too long at any one process point.

You have control

Our platform was built on the philosophy that you need control of your own delivery destiny.  That’s why we give you control over designing your own workflows as well as your own data center license rules.  We built a lot of flexibility into our platform so that you can meet the specific needs of each of your contracts without having to petition us to consider your requirements in our next release.  You have the power to configure the platform individually for each of your customers and you don’t have to wait on us.


  • True mutli-tenacy – designed in from the ground up.
  • Multi-site, supports white labeling and branding the site as your own.
  • Flexible.  Each client area can be configured differently to match the requirements of that client
  • Automatic calculation and reporting of accuracy SLAs
  • Cycle time SLAs address through robust workflow engine
  • Powerful workflow engine with Visio-like designer
  • General-purpose request portal to support request management
  • Specialized software request portal to support Internal Software Market concept
  • Both hardware and software asset management
  • All types of licensing for software asset management – to include complex data center licensing
  • SaaS – no hardware to buy or support.
  • Cost effective