Data Center License Analyzer

Complex License Analyzer

Example screen from our graphical design tool (IBM PVUs)
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When attempting to understand licensing, especially in the data center, there are many variables that can factor in.  Variables such as virtualization, core counts, processor counts, environment (production versus test versus disaster recovery), processor manufacturer, and server manufacturer and model are but a few.  With the variables come complicated rules that must be applied in order to arrive at the number of licenses required in order to properly license a given installation of software.

Until now, much of the work of calculating license requirements was performed manually or in a semi-automated fashion using spreadsheets and macros, often requiring hundreds of labor hours to arrive at the license requirements for a single title.  ESI’s Data Center License Analyzer changes that by automating the application of publishers’ complex rules.

Our Data Center License Analyzer

Our Data Center License Analyzer is a rules-based engine that is designed to apply the publisher’s rules the same way you would – and to do it automatically.  You can create your own rules using our graphical designer, or you can use rules we have designed.

Save Time and Know Your Position

Save hundreds of hours and enjoy knowing your current compliance position by using our Data Center License Analyzer.  The analyzer can be used on any license type to implement simple to very complex counting rules, all with an easy-to-use graphical design tool.

Examples of ESI-developed Rules

  • IBM Processor Value Units (PVUs)
  • Oracle Database (by Processor)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (by Processor, by Core)