Finally, an Asset Management Solution that's more than just a tool...

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Custom Solutions

The last thing you need is another one-size-fits-all software program, fresh out of beta testing, that will only work if you compromise and conform. We provide a custom ITAM solution and guide you through the planning, organizational change, process implementation and automation.

Reliable Expertise

You need a grounded, practical solution that gets it right the first time. Born from 25 years of working with mid-sized and Fortune 500 businesses, our ITAM and software licensing experience will give you what you need to successfully manage your IT assets.

Solid Guidance

Worried about choosing the right ITAM solution for your business? Don’t be. We have the consulting capability to handle the definitional and foundational phase of your program, as well as the practitioner experience and automation platform to handle design and development.

Accurate Automation

ESI will develop the automation necessary to run your solution with as little headcount as possible. We know how to best automate ITAM/SAM to produce accurate and complete data, and you’ll find our automation solutions minimize impact on your organization.

Featured Services:


Compliance Watch

For clients who are looking for peace of mind with software license compliance, we offer our Compliance Watch managed service. We take care of keeping up with your license compliance and you can watch and access reports from our web-based dashboard.


Software Audit Support

Polls by all the industry researchers indicate that companies are witnessing intensified audit measures and enforcement vigilance by their software vendors. Would you like some help and guidance to optimize the potential outcome as well as recommendations for moving forward?
That’s what we do and we can help.


SaaS Automation Platform

There are many benefits to using SaaS based applications and top of the list is that the subscription-based SaaS pricing model can keep IT budget costs consistent or lower than packaged or home-grown solutions. With ESI’s SaaS platform those labor intensive processes are easily automated and can be changed by you to meet your changing business needs.

Thanks to eTelligent Solutions we were able to avoid a costly audit.  The amount we have been able to save and the peace of mind eTelligent provides is priceless.

CIO of Fortune 500 Healthcare Service Provider